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hey guys whats up? welcome to our unofficial good charlotte fansite!yay we are fans and we love the music!

well we put most of the stuff we have about the guys on this site but it isnt ready yet...enjoy the site and remember:


janina and steffi



Good Charlotte joins the Live 8 Concerts in Japan

Posted: 6.24.2005

Good Charlotte joins the Live 8 Concerts in Japan. Live 8 is a worldwide concert series happening on July 2nd to "Make Poverty History". Worldwide the Live 8 Concerts include such acts as Coldplay, Elton John, R.E.M., Snoop Dogg, and The Cure and more!

hey guys
GC will hit europe this year again!Here r the tourdates:

8.16.2005 | Budapest, Hungary @ Sziget Festival
(Click Here for ticket information!)

8.18.2005 | Avenches, Switzerland @ Rock Oz Arenes
(Click Here for ticket information!)

8.19.2005 | Belgium @ Pukkelpop
(Click Here for ticket information!)

8.19.2005 | Erfurt, Germany @ Highfield Festival
(Click Here for ticket information!)

8.20.2005 | Chelmsford, UK @ Hylands Park - V Festival
(Click Here for ticket information!)

8.21.2005 | NR Shifnal, UK @ Weston Park - V Festival
(Click Here for ticket information!)

Show Canceled

Posted: 6.15.2005

Good Charlotte is very sorry to announce that, due to the upgraded travel advisory for U.S. Citizens, they will not be coming to Jakarta as planned. This was a very tough decision for the band, but they feel responsible for the safety of their crew and everyone working around them. They hope to be able to reschedule this date as soon as things look a little safer. The band sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Attention UK Fans!

Posted: 6.07.2005

The "Chronicles Of Life & Death" single is in stores today in the UK! Be sure to pick up your copy because it contains previously unreleased songs, "I Just Wanna Live (Full Phat remix)" and "Chronicles Of Life And Death (Live from Holland)"

Plus a free poster!

Posted: 5.10.2005

To all the GC fans:

It comes with a heavy heart to tell all those that will listen the following news...

Many of you may already know, our drummer Chris Wilson has been on and off the road due to personal health problems. Unfortunately, his problems continue and we have made a collective decision to have Chris stay around his friends and family and begin to truly rehabilitate. As of the beginning of the Good Charlotte "Noise To The World Tour" with Simple Plan, GC will be playing with Dean Butterworth (who most recently played with Morrissey).

This has not been easy on any of us ...we loved playing with Chris so much.

We hope everyone will be respectful and understand the situation and pray that Chris gets better.

We would also like to say thanks to the fans for all of their support with this, it matters most, now.

It is times like these that we forget all the things we have and all the thing we have done ... And look towards that we have to hope for.

See you on the road.
Benji, Billy, Joel and Paul.

Posted: 5.04.2005

Good Charlotte is extremely excited to announce that they will be appearing on MTV's Special Star Wars Edition of TRL on May 13th at 5PM ET/PT. Good Charlotte will be doing a special performance at the advance screening of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. MTV will give fans an inside glimpse of the Skywalker Ranch for the screening and get the reactions of the invited celebrity guests. The band is very excited about this and we hope you are able to tune in!

Click to Enlarge

Click here to check out the performance at Skywalker Ranch