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well it sux trying to fit all these thank yous on such a small piece of paper but i will do my best, so here goes...(ahem) i would like to thank my parents for doing it,the red wine, Burt Bacharach, candlelight, the egg for splitting so i didnt have to be the lead singer.... i want to thank my lord and savior jesus christ for giving me all of these opportunities. mom, sarah, and josh-thanx for all your sacrifices and support. you guys always make me feel proud to be a part of this family. Joel i dont tell you this enough but i love you, youve always been my best friend, and you always will be, youre the most talented, caring person i have ever met, i think you got the better half of the egg. aaron, paul and lil billy- thanx for being my best friends, you guys are my little brothers and i know were gonna be boys for live, to the rest of my family and friends and all the family and friends of the other guys, thanx for all the support and love. KEEP REPRESENTING GC CAUSE THEY ARE REPRESENTING YOU.


first i would like to thank my heavenly father, and lord and savior jesus christ who is always faithful even when im not. thank you lord for your understanding and patience. mom, josh and sarah thank you for your neverending support and sacrifice.benj, you know me better than anyone, you are my best friend, and without you i would be incomplete. thanx for being there every moment. billy, paul and aaron - you guys are my brothers too and there is no one i would rather be doing this with. so many good times and this is just the beginning. thank you to all my friends and family. the MD, VA, D.C. area. Naptown and Waldorf. to all the GC fans, YOU ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF GC.


I would like start off by thanking god, without him none of this would be possible. next i would like to thank my dad. he thaught me everything i know. thank you to my mom for always being there for me. my brothers danny & ryan and my little sister rachel. my grandparents, uncle scott, grandma cutter. i wanna thank all my family & extended family for all of their support over the years. i wanna thank gutherie, the sagers, the kalbers, and jesi for believing in me. thanks to joe hoffman and my friends who helped us get where we are. now -last but not least- I WOULD LIKE TO THANK U.


first and foremost i would like to thank god, our heavenly father who has blessed me with all my talents and opportunities that have made up my life, my parents, my sister sarah, steve for the generous practice space, and all of my family and extended family for all their support over the years, benji, joel, aaron and paul for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime and for being more than my best friends but my brothers, J.D baudean and steve sievers for giving me my start as a musician and helping me reach where i am now, rick jewer for being my inspiration to get where i am today, all of my true friends who have believed in me since day 1 (you know who you are!) , and probably THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL THE FANS for being so supportive of our music, this record is for you guys!anyone who has been genuinely good to me and to anyone i forgot im sorry.....


god. my family-mom, dad, PJ, cindy, teresa, paul and my grandparents. my friends who supported me - tim, kloak, matt, napey, jason, aaron, aarons family, billys family and the twins family- thank you!!



so ots 2 am july 27 2002 and were driving thru the middle of nowhere on our way to a show in chicago. i havent showered in a week, im running on no sleep, im miss chashdogg and some kid at the show today asked me "why i even call myself punk". this may sound like complains but actually im relly happy. i am listening to this record. yea ill admit it i listen to our records and i am thinking how crazy this all is. 3 years ago i was stocking shelves at torget living on ramen noodles and crashing @billys house. now im on tour. 4 kids from nowhwere. we made another record and i feel just as excited as i did the first time. i say this all the time but i mean it, if this all stopped yesterday i would still feel like the luckiest guy alive. i remember going in my room after school writing letters to record labels saying "you can sign us now for cheaper" and sending out demos. i laugh about it now but back then i was so serious. you know we dreamed about this all every day and i gotta say it feels just like we thought it would.

our goals may have changed. ill admit , its not about being famous or making millions of dollars anymore. yeah, i used to day dream about that, being broke gets old quick but now i have sorta seen how it all works and i dont want to be the biggest band in the world - i want to make music with paul,billy and joel. thats all. i want to tour. i want to be good to my friends . i want to take care of my family. i want to meet kids at shows. thats real to me. i see some bands and i get frustrated for them. its easy to get lost in the whirlwind of all of this but i realized we all have to learn in our own, we are still learning. we have made our share of mistakes. we have done some cheesy stuff. but its good to look back and laugh at how young we were. i see a lot of bands worrying about credibility and all of that and i guess i have realized it only comes with time if we are still here in ten years maybe we will be credible. till then we just gotta do what we want to do, make music. tour. privide for our families. you know i used to fist fight every guy i came across that told me i wasnt punk. lars asked me one night "are you gonna fight hte world?" he was right, i was pretty stupid. it made me realize we are what we are and no one can change that. i guess we have done a lot of growing up since the last record. we started this when we were 16. its the only thing i ever had. its probably the only thing i ever will have. i just feel lucky. we are 4 kids in a rockband from waldorf . were not better then any other band out there and we know it. so thanx for getting our record and being a part of this. thanx for giving us a chance to do what we love. thanx for making this real.see ya at the show.




it wasnt so long ago that i was laying in the backyard under the stars wondering what this would feel like. what was left of a pretty broken family, we were forced to move out of our home and into a little farmhouse in the middle of nowhere Maryland. miles from everything- with no car, only a guitar, records we loved and a lot of time to dream. i remember that time in my life so clearly , like it was yesterday. in the wonter we passed the cold nights talking about how it would be on tour with our favourite bands. wondering what it was like in california. how everything would get better once we made it. we spend the summers in the backyard writing songs , daydreaming about what it would be like once we got there. and here we are. on the eve of one of the proudest times in our life, the chronicles of life and death will leave our hands and into those of people that we love, a lot has happened in the last few years and this album is our hopes telling what weve learned and hopefully give something back to all of you that have made all this possible. this record is our pledge to remember what music means to all of our lives, that we refuse to forget where we came from and the hope that the bands we loved gave to us. this music has given us all somewhere to go, a place to belong, we are thankful. we continue to grow together as a band, to learn, make mistakes and live. we are thankful to have you all along with us as we do. this may sound stupid or sentimental- i just dont know howelse to express what is in my heart, if i didnt tell you how grateful we are for our lives i know, i would regret it. beneath all the tattoos, the things weve done , stupid things weve said- perceptions people may have, we are really just 5 kids that feel so lucky to be here!we wrote a list of thank yous and it turnded out longer than we could actually fit in this insert. the truth is each of you play such a valuable part in our lives. our friends, family, the people we work with, bands we know and love, those who sponsor us and THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR MUSIC - OUR FANS!we would like to find the perfect words to show how sincerly grateful we are to each one of you and im not sure if we ever will. we do hope you can feel it in each of this songs and we always hope to make each of you proud to be part of good charlotte. every record, every song, every show, you all have given us so much and been so important to our lives , so thanx. it really is our hope to give you all something back thru the sincerity of this music. thank you for standing with us.see you at the show.....