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#On his left shoulder he has 2 sparrows holding a banner that says "Mom"
#On his upper left arm he has a horseshoe that has a star inside a heart inside of it, a toy soldier with blocks that say "DAD," and three flaming dice. Above all that is the 2 neon guy and girl figures from the cover of Silverchair's "Neon Ballroom" cd, dancing in clouds with a spaceship over them.
#On his left elbow he has a nautical star with clouds inside of it, and "GC" over the elbow
#On his lower left arm, he has bat wings carrying the letters "OF," 5 black stars going down the middle, a sunflower, and Jack Skellington's skull with crossbones that has red spiderwebs in between the bones, and a little mushroom 1UP symbol from the Super Mario videogames
#On his left wrist, he has the writing that's on the inside of "The Lord of the Rings" ring.
#His right arm is a Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve: a graveyard scene w/pumpkins and a gate, with Jack Skellington, Sally the Ragdoll, and Zero the ghost dog towards the bottom and Lock, Shock, and Barrel towards the top.
#On his right middle finger is what looks like a crown.
#On his right knee he has Kermit the Frog's head
#On the back of his right leg, he has "NFG" on a banner for New Found Glory, wrapped around a dagger. (Thanks to Lydia for sending that info to me!)

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