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#On the back of his neck, he has brass knuckles with the word "Loyalty" underneath and 3 stars above it.
#On both of his shoulders, he has star outlines
#Over his heart he has praying hands that say "Saved By Grace" underneath
#On his right forearm he has the Virgin Mary
#Above his right elbow, he has the Irish flag
#On the inside of his lower right arm, he has Jesus' face
#On the back of his lower right arm, he has M-A-D-D-E-N
#On his right wrist is the outline of a star with "Hope" written below it
#On the inside of his right hand he has the letters "A-M-C." This stands for "American Murder Crew." It is something that he, Benji, and their group of friends from D.C. all have.
#On his upper left arm, he has a cross with a banner around it and 2 doves flying around it. Under that, there's a rose.
#On his left forearm he has Joseph and the word "Salvation" on the front of his wrist
#On his left wrist is the outline of a star with "Truth written below it
#He has a lower leg sleeve on his right leg that includes a dragon, lightning bolt, a heart with surrounded by an atom, flowers, and the Chinese symbol for "Mom"
#He has a lower leg sleeve on his right leg, too. Not too clear on what it is, but a lot of it looks like a scales/dragon design.

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