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#On the left side of his neck he has the Virgin Mary, and below it is written "Saved by Grace."
#On the front of his neck is a sacred heart, with the flame and keyhole over his voicebox
#On the right side of his neck is Jesus, and below it is written "No Greater Love."
#On his left shoulder he has a GC emblem with the Irish flag as the background
#On his upper left arm he has "Cash" for Cashdog, "East Coast" is written above brass knuckles with a flaming knife and chains going through them - under the knucks it says "PUNX" and underneath "PUNX" it says "Take it to the streets." To the right of all this is a red nautical star and some small bats
#On the inside of his upper left arm there is a blue nautical star with "Joel" written above it. To the right of the nautical star is a small skull and the number "23," there is also a couple of cartoon-looking heads around the star, and below the star is a martini glass.
#Above his left elbow there is "GC"
#On his left elbow is a red spiderweb that he got with Tony from Mest
#Inside the crease of his left arm is a hinge
#On his left forearm he has the last supper scene
#On the back of his lower left arm is a dagger with a sparrow next to it
#On his lower left arm he has a world surrounded by flames, a scroll with writing on it, and 21:1, which refers to Revelation 21:1 - "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea."
#On his right shoulder there is a crown that says "Mom" underneath
#Under the "Mom" crown on his right shoulder is a skeleton wearing a top hat and riding in a wagon that's being pulled by a bunny with a heart and cross on its chest, with bats above it.
#On the inside of his upper right arm he has a blue nautical star with "Benjamin" written above it in a banner. There's a girl's head peeking above the banner.
#Over his right elbow he has the Irish flag
#On his right elbow he has a skull inside a rose
#On his lower right arm he has a graveyard scene with Jesus standing in it holding a lamb, Bob's Big Boy peeking out from behind Jesus, A bird and bumblebee flying over a crying "Alice in Wonderland", which I've heard is supposed to be his future daughter crying at his grave, a cartoon guy holding balloons (Jesus with the lamb, Alice, the bird and bee, are all Mark Ryden paintings. He's an awesome artist!)
#On the outisde of his right hand there are the letters "AMC." This stands for "American Murder Crew." It is something that he, Joel, and their group of friends from D.C. all have.
#Across his right knuckles he has M-A-D-E
#On his right hand he also has stitches between his thumb and index finger, signifying blood brothers with his friend Brian
#Across his left knuckles he has M-A-N, and a horseshoe with stars on his pinky
#On the right side of his chest he has a sparrow with "Sarah," his sister's name, underneath it
#On the left side of his chest he has a sparrow with "Josh," his brother's name, underneath it
#He has the letters "P-U-N-X" tattooed across his stomach
#On his lower left leg there is "GC," "Rancid," the Minor Threat Sheep, "NFG" (for New Found Glory) and the MXPX logo

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