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uh la uh la sryy i ran out of allergy medicine tony likes 2 eat my allergy when he is drinking it makes him dizzy i told him not 2 silly 1 time we were at a show tony uh la uh la srry my throat swells up i accidentaly ate a peanut with dinner uh la tony took me 2 a really nice restaraunt uh la ill be paying 4 that 1 2morro on the thigh master one time i walked in and tony and jeremiah were having a tickle fight that was nothing though nick was in the kitchen with the peanut butter anyways um i guess i met tony back in 2000 we actually were fighting over the last limited edition star trek poster umm it was pretty intense uhh i think tonys song writing has really stepped up since um blahh but i think radio was affended by tonys fake accent that he sings with, nick is not wearing diapers anymore i mean you kno nick used 2 have bowel movements he had uh rba its a medical term for random bowel movement attacks he would be playing his drums and just poop all over he would poop all over the place i remeber we went to the beach once and he was talking to these three babes and his shit went rite on his leg.(in a nasily voice)buy it..its worth it .

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