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How to spike your hair

First of all, you need to have short hair... I say a five inch maximum... the longer the hair the harder it is to spike and do stuff. For example, you can't lean against stuff if you have 5 inch liberty spikes all the way around your head.

Types of spikes:

The length of your hair depends on the type of spike you should do. If your hair is less than an inch long, you almost have to use porcuspikes. If your hair is about three inches or so long, porcuspikes arent a good idea because they collapse. Liberty spikes are always a good choice, plus I think they look the best.

After you have decided which type of spikes you want, you need to get some materials handy. How long you want your spikes to stand up usually decideds what materials to use. There are several things to use, I'll rank them in order of their styling capabitlities:
1) Knox unflavored gelatin ( IT WILL HOLE YOUR HAIR FOR DAYS! To use it all you do is mix the water and powder stuff and heat it up in the microwave. Duh, dont let it boil. Then let it cool for a second then put it in your hair. It should be kinda thick and runny, almost like snot. If you let it sit out it will dry, so put in the mirco again. To store it, just stick it in the refrigerator. When you want yo use it again just put it in the microwave again.)
2) Elmer's glue gel
3) Hair gel ( MAXIMIM HOLD)
4) Hair spray


Mousse is a bad choice because it is so lightweight and makes hair really limp. Plus, all mousse seems to smell like a flouride treatment you get at the dentist. The thought of that makes me nauseous, and the thought of putting it on my hair is just gross.

Liberty Spikes:
If you want them for more than 12 hours, use Knox gelatin. WATER IS BAD! If you are going to twist spike or liberty spike your hair, do not use hardly any water one your hair before you spike it. Te reason for that is obvious, water makes your hair limp, and if you put gel or knox on it, it will only stay spiked for a few minutes. It may be easier at first to use water to help form your spikes, but if you do you need to hold your head upside down for several minutes. and put hairspray on it. All you do is literally take a chunk of hair, twist it, then make it into a spiked shape after you have gel or something on it. I reccomend putting gel on your hair one spike at a time instead of putting gel all over your hair at once. Once you become used to liberty spiking your hair, it should only take 2 or 3 minutes. The first time i ever spiked mine though, it took 20 : (. But then again I didnt know what to do very well.

I recommend super deluxe mega hold type hairspray over every type of spike as an extra precaution to avoid smashed spikes and stuff.

Porcuspikes are easier to do than liberty spikes, but is that the look you want? Porcuspikes are very thin, hedgehog like spikes. All you need to do for these a spray a tiny tiny tiny amount of water or your hair with a spray bottle. Then put a glob knox or hair gel on your hand and rub it all over your hair. Then turn you head upside down and run your fingers through your hair all over, so you are encouraging it to stick up. You can use a hair dryer to dry it if you want. When i do porcuspikes on my hair I just turn my head upside down for a few minutes while it dries. It usually takes about 5 or 6 minutes to do, depending how much water you put on your head.

Twisted Spikes:
This type of spike is better for people with long hair. All you do is spray a tiny bit of water on your head, then put some knox or hair gel on it in the spot u r going to spike. then take chunks of your hair and twist it in an upward direction. Once you have that all done, spray hairspray all over it.

It is really simple and fun to spike hair. Spiked hair is the best hairstyle. ANY QUESTIONS ;-)

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