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-When I was 17, I was attracted to really hott girls-ones I couldn't have. I liked this one girl who didn't pay attention to me. I followed her around and offered to carry her crap.

Now, I like girls who are independent and who take care of themselves. I like girls with their own style.

-When I was 17, I was self-conscious about everything--especially the way I looked. I couldn't afford cool clothes, so I felt like I didn't fit in.

Now, I'm not self-conscious about anything. I'm just comfortable with myself. If people like me, they like me. If not, it doesn't matter.

-When I was 17, I spent my money on bills for my family. We didn't get an allowance, so I worked to pay the electric bills.

Now, buy lots of gadgets: computers, video games, and cameras. If I really want to impress a girl, I'll send her flowers or get her jewelry.

-When I was 17, I had a crush on Julia Stiles.

Now, I still have a crush on Julia Stiles!

-When I was 17, I was angry and full of hate. I would get in fights all the time. With everyone--even people on the street.

Now, I have more patience. I won't punch a guy for just saying something. I'm much more mature.


-When I was 17, My closet was filled with cassette tapes that I copied from my friends, from bands like Rancid and Green Day. I had a couple of guitars.

Now, it's full of black clothes, my guitars, and tons of junk. I'm a pack rat. I save everything. I've tried to throw stuff away, but I've never succeeded.

-When I was 17, I liked any girl who gave me the time of day--any girl who paid attention to me!

Now, around girls, I'm still shy. I don't have the confidence to go and talk to the cute girls I see at clubs. I feel like I'd be bothering them.

-When I was 17, I had crushes on Gwen Stefani, Alyssa Milano, and Christina Ricci.

Now, my crushes are Christina Aguilera and Christina Ricci. Not Britney though--she's too famous!

-When I was 17, I hated my dad because he walked out on our family.

Now, I wish my dad the best--I look at life differently. I've got a lot more love for the world. I've healed.

-When I was 17, I thought celebrities were all stuck-up, unappreciative, and ungracious.

Now, I've met a lot of celebrities, and I realize people are just people.

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