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RING: "My best friend gave this ring to me. He's a singer in a band from Chicago called Mest - a punk band - and his name's Tony and he got one too. One Christmas we were on tour together, and he gave me this, and it says 'brothers' on the side. So yeah, he's my best friend and I never take this ring off."

LAPTOP: "It's my DVD player. I watched 'High Fidelity' on the way here. My must have DVD is 'The Boondock Saints'; it's amazing. It's got a horrible title, but this is one of the greatest movies ever. It's about two Irish brothers who are vigilantes. I like anything with Jack Black and Adam Sandler, the best 'Saturday Night Live'."

GUITAR: "I never leave without the acoustic guitar. I'm really excited at some at some of the stuff I've been writing. When you come out of the studio, for me I don't write for another four or five months. And when it comes back to you, you get really excited, and that's right about now. I've probably got, like, six songs ready for this new record. It comes at all different times; you can't control it. If you wake in the middle of the night you have to do it."

A BOOK: "The number one thing for the most part is a book to write in. Whether it's songs or whatever, just anything. Random thoughts. Trying to stay organized on the road."

BIBLE: " I take my bible everywhere, this is one thing that never leaves. I was very rebellious up until a couple of years ago, but i came to terms with my spirtuality. It's a good balance in my life."

SMELLY CLOTHES: "These are the clothes I bring on tour. This is what I always wear onstage, every night. Partly it's because I'm a very superstitious person. They do smell a bit now. I maybe do my laundry once a tour; it's really bad! With the exception of socks and underwear, for the most part I just let stuff dry out."

ELECTRIC RAZOR: " My eletric shaver, this is awesome, I can't live without this. I can't shave with regular razors; I've got baby skin. I don't know what it is."

IPOD: "My iPod. I've got alot of albums on there. I've got 'Pump Up The Valium' from NOFX, 'Let's Go' from Rancid, Green Day's 'Greatest Hits', some MxPx, Norah Jones, the Dischord discograpghy and alot of industrial. Some rap, too. This is almost my whole collection. I would be devastated if i lost this. I've got 'Midian' by Cradle Of Flith on here too; I've been listening to that alot."

CD WALLET: "I have this CD book for demos I get from kids. I like to listen to them, so when I get them I put them in this book. There's an Austrailian band called Something With Numbers, they gave me a CD when we went to Austrailia a couple of times ago; they're awesome. When bands give us demos, we always listen to them."

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