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Spring is The Season For Love!!

So boys and girls a couple things here to tell you. We are a little over a week into the "NOISE TO THE WOLRD" tour with Simple Plan and Reliant K and it has been great. Thank you to everyone who has come out and watched the show. When we played Kansas City we went from the stage to a plane that took us to the Skywalker Ranch, which is in Marin County in Northern California. We were blessed with the oppurtunity to play the TRL Episode III release at the Ranch. That place is so beautiful. If you are not aware, us GC boys loves us some Star Wars so we were completely geeking out the whole time. Especially when we got to meet George Lucas. He was a man of few words but it was still an amazing moment. We then got to watch a screening, of the movie, in the sound stage where they make all the noises and music for Lucas Films. it was really cool. The movie was amazing. We still can't stop talking about it. I highly recomend everybody seeing it. It is maybe the best one ever. Anyway so I had my camera ready the whole time and there are a whole bunch of new pics in the other photos section under the media dial. Select Star Wars Episode III and you will see us looking like giddy little schoolgirls. Also on a sad note I broke my big toe on my right foot two nights ago after a show in Indianapolis. I thought I was Superman and triied to kick something that was a lot stronger than my foot. Please kids don't try this at home; it hurts. But I am not gonna be a baby. I am going to finish out the tour and hopefully this will heal as fast as possible. You will be surprised how much a man can headbang even though he's sitting down. So please come out to the shows and check it out. We have thrown some songs in the set that we haven't played for a while and so far they are getting great reactions. So come on down and we will have a humdinger of a great time. Thanks for stopping by the site and may the force be with you.



Well it has been a while but we are once again touring our homeland. America!! Where one can pursue a dream and eat Quiznos achieving it. In three days we play our first show with Simple Plan on the "Noise To The World Tour". It's gonna be a good ol' fashion ho down. So much fun that you might need to wear a diaper. We have arranged a new set for all of you to enjoy. It's been a while since we have played with Simple Plan and if you haven't heard Reliant K, you are missing out. So make sure to come early and check out all the bands. It's gonna be gobs of juicy fun, so don't miss it. Thanks for stopping by the site. Hope to see you at the show. Later


New Pictures

There are a lot of new photos scattered all through out the site. All of the live shots were taken in Belguim by a local photograher named Cindy Frey. There is a link attached with this that will connect you to her website. It looks really good. So thank you Cindy and thank you Belguim for providing such a picture perfect show. We are now in the UK and the shows just keep getting better and better. I don't want to leave but eventually this tour will come to an end and we will have to head back home. So thanks to all the european countries that made us feel so frickin special. Also to all our peeps in the U.S., tickets for the tour with Simple Plan are going on sale so make sure you pick some up before it's too late. Thanks for stopping by and see ya at the show. Later

Cindy Frey's Photo Galleries


Denmark, home of the dainish.

hey everybody. we are in denmark today. playing a show tonight. looks like it will be good. this morning i woke up and stepped off the bus and wham! there were like 50 kids right there. taking pictures, and asking for autographs. they must have thought i was crazy cause i was still half asleep, and i just mumbled something and kind of stumbled inside. Sorry you kids, i wasnt ready to face the light yet. Anyways, things are good out here. we are all happy, we are enjoying the shows and weve all decided to get on the website more and write to all you kids more. Tommorrow we are in Germany and we are shooting a video for chronicles. when we get back to LA we will be shooting a video for we believe. 2 videos woohoo. anyways, hope you guys are all good. keep posting on the message board and thanx for coming to the website. be good kids. Love, Joel.


Oh My Sweet Europe!!!

Hello my little pretties. Well what can i say? So far this tour has been the bomb. It's refreshing playing in clubs again. It's nice to be in smaller rooms and closer to the people. Plus the people over here rock!! I've never seen so many mosh pits at one of our shows. So let me say thanks to everybody who has come and made these shows rule. I have been taking photos a lot on this tour and posting them on the website. Go to the Media Section. There are new ones for each member and also under the other photos section. The picture of the crowd is from Milan, Italy. It was like a protest. A GC PRIDE PROTEST. We have never experienced anything like that before. I can't belive you all stood in the snow freezing just to scream at us. I love all of you:) The picture with the flickering lights is from Munich, Germany during Hold On. The mountains are the alps and the water is Zurich, Switzerland. So I have a mission to try to keep this coming as often as possible and share these experiences with you guys. We are about to rock Sweden right now and I can't wait. Thanks for stopping by the website and I'll see ya at the show.

your bass bimbo,


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