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Billy: A big purple dinosaur
Joel: Rubble
Benji: Fife
Paul: Poop

Billy: Oh, this is gonna be good...
Joel: What if we told about each other?
Billy and Paul: Yeah! Yeah!
Joel: Ummm,who wants to do Billy?
Billy: Who wants to DO me? I'd rather skip that one!
Joel: Ummm, I can tell you that Billy loves The Nightmere Before Christmas and he loves peanut butter, anything peanut butter.
Billy: Thats a true statement...
Joel: Was that interesting?
Juicey! Juicey!
Benji: Joel didn't kiss a girl till he was...... 16?
Joel: [nods] I didn't make out with one till I was 18....
Benji: Nah... it wasn't that long was it?
Joel: Yeah... 17, 18....
Benji: Ok, so....
Joel: Not that there's anything wrong with that kids. Don't feel the pressure to like.... it's cool or anything.....
Paul: I got you [points to Benji] Benji gets the most use out of the back lounge on the tour bus.
[Benji laughs and tries to make a 'Paul's a liar' face, but doesn't succeed]
Joel: [scrunches nose] OH hoooooooohh...
Benji: [shakes head] thats just not...
Billy: I got Paul. On that back use in the tour bus, it's actually them share it together.
Joel: Paul..
Billy: Paul and Benji together
Benji: That just sounds weird.... that just sounds weird....
Joel: I read Harry Potter...
Billy: The secret about Paul, listen, the thing about Paul is, you don't know is Paul is a natural born thug. He's just husslin' and strugglin', thats the life story of Paul.
Joel: Yea, yea.

Benji: I just wanna say the disclamier. That we are not funny guys and everything we've said is probably..
Joel: LIES
Benji: gonna make you not want to be our fans. So we appologise for this really weird interview, and awkward things we've said..
Joel: And I wanna appologise for us, being in your country and disrupting your way of life. I'm sorry.
Benji: Is this ummm awkward for any of you?
Joel: Are you guys awkward? [talking into camera]
Benji: I feel a little awkward.... ok....
Joel "It takes him like 15-20 minutes to get ready"
Benji "15-20 minutes that isn't bad to get ready"
Joel "It takes me like 5. No less"
Benji "It's easy for me, cos I wear the same clothes everyday...pretty much"
Paul "We love that on the tour bus by the way"
Benji (laughs)"I dont smell bad...not that bad....whatever"

Benji "Everyone say "shut up Joel"
Crowd: '' SHUT UP JOEL ''

On the radio....
Garbage song: Girls....
Paul: Like YOU!
Song: Boys....
Paul: Like ME!
Song: Girls.....
Paul: like JOEL!

Paul: "This is Paul"
Joel "Im Joel"
Benji " And Brad spelt backwards is DARB"

Lisa: How'd you get the band together?
Benji: We wanted to start a band and we were all in high school. Then
Billy was one of my best friends and we wanted another guitarist so he
joined. I love Billy.
Billy: Oh yes, I love Benji ::puts hand on Benji's thigh:: Heh, I'm just

''Yeah, on our day off we went to Disney for our first time and Joel was like a little kid. He was like ”Come on guys we have to hurry to Space Mountain!” And this morning when I walked into the bathroom, I swear I heard him singing “When You Wish Upon A Star.” -Benji

“Yeah of course, the boxers are yummy and it’s the bacon that gets the gals! No wait…it’s the other way around.”-Benji

Benji: Santan has a sister?
Joel: Shut up Benji

"I don't know how your gonna take this, but Santa Claus isn't real, Bro..." -Benji to Joel

Benji: “I go to take a drink of my uh, “apple juice” and uh as I’m you know…drinking it, I realize everyone’s laughing and it’s, it’s kind of warm.”
Joel: “And it’s not so satisfying.”
Benji: “I drank PISS!”
Joel: “That’s right! He drank urine! Pee-pee water! Fluid wastes! He drank it!”
Benji: “I am an idiot ladies and gentlemen!”

''I fell off the stage and all my clothes fell off! And I wet my pants…but they fell off, so I couldn’t wet them, so it must have been the kid standing next to me.”-Benji

''Good evening boys and girls, welcome to the Nutcracker. This is Rob Tim, I will crack you nuts. Today I’m going to teach you a little lesson about life, the Rob Tim way.”-Benji

(All Things Rock)When benji fell off his cube
"I didnt just fall, I swear"(that's why they need rollie chairs!!!!!!!d a m n MTV! *lol*)

Benji(reading a post--All Things Rock):What I was simply saying was: that guys rock harder than girls. I mean...does that piss you off? That men are better then women?(it's not even true but he can belive what he want *lol*)

Quotes about going to Festival Shows
Joel: Never go with your boyfriend or girlfriend, because there are all kinds of people there. There are girls and they're all wearing bikinis.........

What to bring
Joel: A hidden tape recorder so you can tape the bands and download it on the internet

About the mosh pit
Joel: Don't grope girls (*we hope hes directing this to the boys*) 'cause that's just disrespectful
Joel: There are no rules but if you disrespect the ladies you jacked

Joel: It's muddy, your clothes start to get sticky, and you can take 'em off

Billy: Make sure you buy the $15 soft drink and the $12 hot dog
Joel: Usually they have these cool vegie hot dogs - and if you can get enough kids together you can cause a small riot

Joel: Every once in a while there will be that girl with the armpit hair. Its like "Damm, girl! Shave that!"

Billy: I don't know about meeting girls at festivals because most of them have been there all day. For the first two hours you can meet a girl. After that, all hell breaks loose.

What to wear
Joel: Bikini tops!
Benji: You've got to show off that stomach
Billy: Board shorts
Benji: A Turtleneck and a dress that goes to her ankles. And a veil and gloves
Joel: If its raining, a white t-shirt. Read the weather - if it says rain, white is always the way to go

Benji: ''There have been alot of problems with people downloading the new Dave Mathews Band c.d. so stop it Joel.''

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