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made by: us

make a party like this!!if you are a real fan its soooo much fun!!

*Instead of "Bingo" we kan play "Benji"

*We'll make tons of banners and signs during recess and art club.

*Blast the GC CDs the whole time.

*Play a game where someone says a line to one of their songs and someone else has to say the next line.

*We kan kall all the poeple we know and leave GC on their answering machines.

*Make GC food. (or just eat their fave foods-like count chocula and pizza)

*give eachother GC tattoos in pen or marker.

*Have everyone that comes to the party dress up like one of the members.

*Make up videos for their songs and see if my dad'll let us use his video camera to record them.

*Play a game where someone says something and someone else says some lyrics to a GC song. For example: "yay its spring" "all the seasons of your love.." 'cause spring is a season...

*Eat doritos because Billy had one in his hair.

*Everyone bring as many hampsters as they can find, and we'll try and collect 127 so we can be like Billy.

*Learn to play GC songs on piano, guitar, whatever and play them at the party.

*Talk about them the whole time like "wow their concert rocked" and stuff.

*Stay up late watching MTV trying to find Good Charlotte videos.

*Play the music really loud and jump around pretending we're at one of their concerts.

*Bring cameras so we can get pix of whatever stupid stuff we end up doing.

*have everyone bring some GC pix and make a big collage on posterboard (though, i dont know what we'd do with the collage-maybe draw #'s to see who keeps it)

*Blast GC muzik while jumping on the trampoline, playing basketball....

*Turn on my little brother's bubble machine and dance to GC in the bubbles.

* Eat Snickerdoodles shaped as the guys cuz those are Joel's favorite cookies!

* Play "Who said this?" Where you guess which Good Charlotte member said each quote!

* Make wigs of the many hairstyles of Benji... somehow

* Watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, cuz that's Billy's favorite movie!

* Draw GC tatoos on eachother, either about GC or their tatoos

* Everyone attempt to give eachother "Paul hugs"

* Make up stories about meeting the guys

* Bring bathing caps the color of skin so everyone can pretend to be bald like Chris!

* Have a contest to see who can act like Good Charlotte the best where a group lip/play syncs to their music for everyone like a concert!

* Make lifesize drawings of the guys on cardboard to make it seem like they're there too

* Make WWGCD necklaces, rings, and or bracelets, while thinking What WOULD Good Charlotte do? Along with variations of WWBD, WWJD, WWPD, and WWCD!

u could always watch not another teen move and turn it up when joel sings put ur head on my shoulder

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