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sorry, the facts are older ones.....

Their producer for The Young and The Hopless was Eric Valentine.

The name Good Charlotte came from a childrens book. They never really read the book, but they thought it sounded like a cool name (keep in mind that they were only 15 when they choose it) so they named the band Good Charlotte. Now they don't really like the name as much because people keep asking what the significance of the name is and they don't like people asking that.

Joel currently has a mowhawk, Paul hair is half black half blonde, Billy's hair is black, and Benji's now has lepoard print hair -black and gold (or maybe it's blonde?)

Benji's RECENT tattoo is a New Found Glory tattoo which is on his right leg, just below his Rancid tattoo.

Their dog, Cash, is named after Cassius Clay (a.k.a. Muhammad Ali) because it's a boxer.

Benji and Joel used to work at Target, Borders, Up Against the Wall, and Giant in Waldorf. Their mom used to work at the Nordstrom's in the Annapolis mall in the customer service department.

Benji's nose piercing was a Christmas present.

When Billy's dreds were cut off, they found part of a Dorito in there.

Before the band was Good Charlotte, it was the "Joel, Benji, and Brian Band." Brian had to drop out due to conflicting schedules, so in come Aaron and Paul, and then later, Billy.

Billy was in a band called "Overflow" before he joined GC.

Good Charlotte was banned from the Waldorf coffeehouse "My Brother's Place" for a while.

They really hate it when people title articles with some reference to Good Charlotte being 'Great Charlotte' or 'Good Charlotte Really is Good'. Stuff like that.

In high school, Joel was "attacked" with Ben Gay by some football players. They rubbed it all over "a place where Ben Gay should not be rubbed." They would grab him in the locker room after showers and such. I thought this was a one time deal but it seems to have happened frequently.

The tattoos on Benji's knuckles say "MADE MAN" (it's from a movie).

On Benji's guitar in the "Motivation Proclamation" video, there is a sticker that says "Don't touch this unless you are nude."

Their tour bus has California license plates.

Billy is double-jointed.

Their tour bus has a little suction cup sign in the front window that says "A woman with PMS and ESP is a bitch who knows everything."

Paul did community service in Charles County by taking down basketball scores.

One of their first gigs was at a comic book store.

Joel and Billy are obsessed with malls.

Paul used to work at the Great Steak and Potato Company in Waldorf Mall.

Benji and Joel thought they invented a new chord in high school. When they went to tell their music teacher he said "That's a C chord, and it's been around since Beethoven."

Benji and Joel are identical twins born 5 minutes apart (Benji is older).

Benji and Joel used to get prank calls from people saying that they were going to sign them.

Billy did his first tattoo on Benji.

Paul has been playing bass for 9 years.

Benji used to say he was sick so he could get backstage at concerts.

Paul's tattoos are inspired by Salvidor Dali, one of his favorite artists.

When Benji was in grade school he dressed up as Mike D. on Rock Star Day.

Billy converted Benji into a vegetarian. Benji's 2003 resulution was to go vegan.

Lars from Rancid tattooed 'Journey To The End' under Benji's Rancid tattoo.

Benji's best subjects are history and English. His worst subject is math.

Joel's pants fell down during the June 23rd show of Warped Tour '02. During the 2nd song, which was "Festival Song", the button on his pants broke. Everyone saw his Spiderman boxers. He stuffed a towel down his pants to cover up, and he was blushing the entire time.

Benji has been sober for more than a year. (yay!)

Benji's inspiration for the song "Wondering" was his dog, Cash.

Benji got the spiderweb tattoo on his elbow at the same time that Tony from Mest did.

Joel usually sleeps in his clothing that he wears during the day.

Joel sings in the shower.

Joel has a tattoo of a heart with a shooting star on his ankle.

Benji has the names of all of his siblings tattooed on him. (Joel, Sarah, Josh)

Joel eats ketchup on everything.

Billy's first show as an official member of the band was at Flecher's in Fells Point.

'My Brother's Place' would often be packed with GC fans who would clear out before the headlining band played, leaving 12 or so left when the main act hit the stage.

Good Charlotte was on 'Fowl Records' when they first started out.

Billy says that he has a life size poster of Daniel Johns in his room that he worships.

The twins worked at Glow Salon, Red River Barbecue, and Acme Bar and Grill, and at one point Joel worked at Food Giant.

After Benji graduated, he went to a community college, but was too busy with the band and his job so he dropped out.

Joel likes rice crispy treats.

Paul doesn't understand why people like his hugs so much.

Joel had the same boots for 4 years.

The twins are good friends with Jimmie Haha from Jimmie's Chicken Shack.

According to Josh, the twins' brother, the twins don't look good in pink shirts.

Benji dyed his hair pink because of Fraggle Rock.

Lars from Rancid gave Benji a mohawk during Warped Tour '01.

Paul has a GC scooter.

Benji has a go-ped.

Benji drank pee.

Benji says that Joel was like Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons in high school.

Joel calls his mom 'Mama,' or at least he did in an interview.

Paul likes Shakespeare.

Billy hates snakes and spiders.

Paul plays a 5-string bass.

Benji can juggle.

The most holes Benji had in his head at one time was 14. (Count: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, one mouth, two ear piercings, three lip piercings, one eyebrow piercing, and one nose piercing.)

All the band members love Star Wars.

Benji hates it when people interrupt him on his way to soundcheck.

According to Paul, Billy is allergic to dogs.

The group all got "GC" tattooed on the back of their left arm the day that they found out they got a record deal with Epic.

Billy has life-size dolls of the characters from "A Nightmare Before Christmas".

Billy's parents divorced when he was in second grade.

Billy has designed almost all of the Good Charlotte merchandise.

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