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Benji Quotes

"Keep representin' GC, 'cause you know we're representin' you!"

"I bet they did the dirty-dirty! Go Justin, go Justin!" (Talking about Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's break-up)

"Call me a mama's boy, I don't care." - Benji

"One egg, one sperm, two babies!."

"Black nailpolish didn't come with testosterone."

Interviewer: Would you ever consider turning in your instruments to learn choreography and become a boy band?
Benji: Umm... after you shot me in the head.

"I was in a boy band once myself, and let me tell you, the Backstreet Boys don't have anything on you."

"I have a confession to make: I love making out. It's fun and innocent. And besides, you can't get pregnant from making out."

"You know who else likes making out? Sum 41... I know from experience...or at least my friend does."

"My last name is rock n' roll, actually my last name is scum." (Say it really slow)

(After this girl handed him ring that lights up when you push it...) "Joel! Lookie!" *Pushes ring into Joel's cheek and watches it light up* "It's so purty!"

"Were not very good at the whole rock star thing."

"Were just kinda the awkward guys who play music."

"You just cursed on the radio!" (Said to Joel.)

"Joel is a strange kid, he grew up in a weird place."

"If you're not pregnant, I want you going home pregnant."

"I got all the hoes."

"I like to rip tags off mattresses."

"Someone call the fire department this one's out of control!" (said while shaking his hips back and forth) (He said this outside the club they played that turned into a dance club after and u could hear techno in the back HE WAS DANCING!)

"Joel your gloves suck!"

"That's funny, we were just talking about sex!"

"That performance really moved me...I gotta go now."

Person: "Hey Benji, were you doing drugs before the show?"
Benji: (Laughter) "Nah, I don't do drugs."

"Yeah of course, the boxers are yummy and its the bacon that gets the gals! No wait...its the other way around..."

"Stop watching them making out!"

"Uh...I like dogs...I have a dog...his name is Cash."

"They call me Benji, they call him Joel."

"Thanks to Burt Backarach, red wine and candlelight and most of all thanks to my parents for doing it."

*Hands me the pen* "Can I please have It?" *puppy dog face*

"Awww. Thanks, you get a hug for that!"

"Corruption? What's that? No, we probably corrupted each other."

"My ass smells like Joel."

"Hey, guys. I have some bad news for you... we were backing out of the parking lot and I think we ran over Lil Bow Wow."

"We feel really lucky right now, especially because we're so young. We feel like we can do anything, nothing can hold us back, and we've got a lot of energy."

"I'm agoraphobic... I just want someone to love me."

(During "Seasons") "I'm really feelin' those lighters..." (like Fred Durst in the song "Outside") *Silence* "Oh, come on! That was supposed to be funny!"

Person: "Alotta people have that tattoo *points to spiderweb looking tattoo on his elbow* What does it mean?"
Benji: "You usually get it when you murder someone."
Person: "Benji! You murdered someone?!"
Benji: (laughing and whispering) "Well, I can't tell you that. No, I'm just kidding, I didn't murder anyone. It's tradition to get the tattoo."

Little Kid: "Hey Benji, will you sign my report card?"
Benji: (Looks around and trys not to laugh.) "Wow, that's really good!"

"This is a sweet song, it's for the guys of MXPX. 'Cause one night, I was having a real tough night, one of the guys from MXPX invited me on his bus. He helped me out a lot, yeah, he held me all night long."

"It must be real tough to be a punk rocker in Wisconsin, you get chased by rednecks and stuff."

"This one time, Joel was too scared to ask a girl to a dance so he had me call her up and pretend I was him, and she said no and then she said 'This isn't Joel is it?' and I said, 'No it's Benj!'"

A person told him that he backed into a parked car on the way to a show and he said...
Benji: "Are you okay?"
Person: "Yeah, I'm fine! "
Benji: "Are you SURE you're okay?!"

Benji: "For me?"
Person: "If you squeeze it, it sings the twilight zone song."
Benji: "Come here you get a hug!"

"Tonight I'm spooning with Tom on my couch!" (Referring to MxPx.)

Interviewer: "Benji, with all your piercings have you got your 'Prince Albert' done?"
Benji: "Ahahahahahaha...(innocently) Who's Prince Albert?..."

"I sell out every day, I say give me 5 bucks and I'll give you a kiss."

"That's surprising [that I smell good] seeing I haven't showered in... three weeks."

"Yea on our day off we went to Disney for our first time and Joel was like a little kid. he was like come on guys we have to hurry to space mountain. And this morning when I walked in the bathroom I swear I heard him singing When you wish upon a star."

"I hope my allergies don't act up..." (In a nasaly voice...)

"I'm gonna go... walk... into traffic."

"Eyeliner! Always comes in handy"

"I am thinking about getting a job here." - Benji (about Wet Seal)
"I don't know how your gonna take this, but Santa Claus isn't real, Bro..."

"In the 5th grade I made a mosaic out of noodles!"

Interviewer: "Can you dance?"
Benji: "I can freak"

"I'm the self-proclaimed leader of the band."

"Nickelback, Default, Adema, etc., etc., make me want to stick a fork in my eye." - Benji

"I can disappear watch" ::::get up out of his seat and leaves::::

"Hi, we're Crazytown and we suck!"

"When we fight, it's not about things you think we'd fight about, like music. It's about like, I'll wear Joel's socks and he'll be like, 'Dude... dude... I told you not to wear my socks, dude... You know I like my socks... Benji... Dude, oh are those my boxers, too? Dude ooh.. Ohh do you have to go there? Dude... dude!' And then we're, like, in the studio in this really important part of the song and I'll be like 'What do you think we should do?''I don't care.. are those my boxers? DUDE!" - Benji (on fighting with Joel)

joels mic was getting feedback near the end of 'riot girl' so after the song he went back to get a new one, while benji was left to stall us all in the crowd. He starts saying 'One day I'll find the girl of my dreams and we'll be 100 years old with old wrinkly tattoos and look really gross and have sex without regret'

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