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Drummer History
Tour Diary
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Skywalker Ranch
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Kylie Tribute
Jobs the twins hated most
What if......
Do you have GC syndrom
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Joels tribute to Missy
10 reasons why we love GC
What Benji takes on tour
"When i was 17...."
How to spike your hair
Benjis message on Mest CD
Athletic twins
Crashing with GC
GC in Munich,Germany
What if......

We wouldnt like GC

Billy would be the lead singer, benji the drummer, joel the bass player and paul and chris would play guitar?
(i heard that they tried that once;-) )

Benji never had tattoos?

The twins never went to a Beastie Boys concert?

The egg didn't split?

Aaron stayed in the band?

The football players never tortured Joel?

They were popular in school?

Their dad never left?

They were rich when they were young?

They never got a record deal?

Billy only had 1 hamster?

Cashdogg had puppies?

All things didn't rock?

Dusty stayed in the band?

The twins' parents never met?

Someone DID have a crush on the bass player?

They were never on bus 55?

GC had no fans?

Paul was the one with all the tattoos?

Joel was the punk twin?

Paul and Billy were the twins?

Benji was a prep?

They were all gay?

Benji and Joel had a triplet?

Joel Hosted All Things Rap?

Benji's liberty spikes were red?

Benji's pink shock was blue instead?

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