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Here are the top 5 jobs the twins hated the most,thanx to GCRiotQueens!!


1. Stock Boy Borders Books and Music. "I had to be there at six in the morning after playing at a show"

2. Waiter Red River Restaurant. "I worked there after working at Borders. Families would treat me like shit"

3. Bagger Food Lion supermarket. "I always had to walk to work. And the boss was a dick"

4. Attendant Golden Corral restaurant. "It was literally a corral for angry fat people"

5. Painting houses "It was really hot, and they'd always go 'Hey, can you cut my big-ass lawn too?'


1. Waiter Golden Corral Restaurant. "We had to wear these dumb bow ties. Everyone that's cheap eats there"

2. Stock boy Target. "They always gave me shit for my hair being different colours"

3. Salesman American Eagle Outfitters. "I didnt have any preppy clothes. So I stole a sweater and got fired"

4. Waiter Red River restaurant. "they were really bad about letting us off for shows. Eventually we both got fired"

5. Car washer various locations. "It was usually washing these nasty used cars. I got fired"

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