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Kylie Tribute

Here are the lyrics of joel and benjis tribute to kylie...enjoy;-)

Joel:It's really more than a tribute than a cover.

Benji:Ya a tribute thats good i like that.

Joel:I mean a like a love song.

Benji:A tribute to a goddess only Kylie Minogue.

Joel:About the most beautiful woman in the history in world.

Benji:You Know i heard people say that we don't like her like were sarcastic but we love Kylie Minogue.

Joel:This is 100 percent serious.

Benji: I dont think you know what a true fan is.

Joel:take it serious. This is uhh I understand its not as pretty as they way she would sing it but im gonna give it a go.

Benji: Sha! ok.Go ahead Joel show em whats its like.

Joel:Robot la la la la la la la la...(Benji: that was pretty good!)la la la la la(Benji: uhh i like that.) Thanks la la la la la..(Benji: I'm feeling it ,)la la la la la(Benji: see how my hips are moving I'm feeling it)la la la la la...

Benji and Joel:Your old enough to be my mother(Joel:Ow!) but I want to do you so does my brother (Joel: that's me! ) me and my friends have all your pictures(Joel: sexy girl!) from womens magazines dirty ones like maxum

Benji :I want to make a suit out of your skin and wear it and walk around karoke to locomotion saying

Benji and Joel: you and me Kylie ain't nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel saying you and me Kylie ain't nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel

Benji and Joel:saying I can't get you out of my head I've been stalking you for 42 days (Joel: robot speed )said I can't get you out of my head this restraining orders up in a day(Joel: sa-sa-saying) la la la la(Benji joins in a lil bit in a girly voice) la la la la la la la la la(Benji:thats good joel ) la la la la la la la la la... la lal la la... ( Benji: I really like the line about making a suit out of her skin and wearing it and karoking to locamotion I think that one was really creative and just brilliant...yea and I think if theres some way to get this to kylie sorta like that eminem song stan, I feel like stan) la la la la la la la la, are la la la la la la la la la .... your an idot..... (Benji:I'm Kylie's stan)la la la la la la la la..... your a jackass.... la la la la la la la la... you talk to much la la la.... (Benji:I dont know i think our work here is done i think ) La La La La La La La robot speed and were out Kylie we love you see you at the Austrailian music awards.Im Sorry about my brother.(Benji:www.benjiandkylieforever. com check it out!).... backslash good charlotte html....(Benji: peace!)co. au.Peace we're out...

Hear it here!

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