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a day in the life
Posted on 3.25.2005 @ 08:39 am

so i'm back in london. got the next two days off. i updated a couple days ago, then decided i didnt like my post and went back on and deleted it. anyways, we played bristol yesterday. cool city. i really liked the place. i have to say tho, the thing i remember most about the day was when i woke up. i have the craziest caffienne headaches in the morning. it usually takes a cup of coffee or like 2 diet cokes to make it go away. so when i wake up somedays its feels like i got my ass kicked the night before. so anyways, yesterday i had one of those mornings. i got off the bus and stepped directly into this blaring sunlight. and there were like 8 kids hanging out. i remember 2 girls who kind of smiled at me, and i kind of gave a half smile, thinking i'll come back and say hi once i get my diet coke. then there was this girl out of no where shouting at me about how rude i am for not speaking or something or stopping. and she wanted a picture, and she wanted a hug and an autograph. and she followed me all the way to the club, taking pictures of me, all while shouting in this loud english accent about how rude i was. so with my head pounding, i just ignored it and kept walking till i got into the venue. Got to say it wasnt the best morning. how could someone who likes my band, make me feel like such shit???? so i got my diet coke, took a shower, brushed my teeth, got dresssed, all the things that girl probally got to do that morning before seeing anyone. and i felt really good. then i'm leaving to go do a radio interview, i saw some kids, said hi. then who do see , that girl again! still saying shit. so i ignored it, went to the interview, came back. had the rest of my day, which was all pretty good. We are involved with make a wish and organizations like that over the world. and before the show i had the privlige of meeting a fan or ours. her name was Neelie. she was super sweet, and really cool to meet. we hung out took pics, and i can honestly say i was so happy to meet her. she wanted to hear movin'on so we played it in the set for her. that was the highlight of my day. When we get to spend quality time like that with amazing people like her, its great. so then we go on stage that night, and guess who is in the front row flicking me off? that girl from earlier!!! i cant believe. so the whole show i gotta watch this girl flick me off and make annoying faces at me? shes standing there, singing along to all the words that come from my heart, flicking me off. i'm not even mad. just puzzled. i mean, it was actually funny. annoying, but funny. but other than that small detail, the show went off. the kids were amazing, loud and crazy. a few diehards from america were there, which is great to see. i mean i see these girls at everyshow in america, and its so cool to see them in another part of the world. all in all it was just another day in the life of me. sorry if i bored you with my long stories, but isnt that what a blog is for. i mean i guess if you dont like what i have to say you dont have to read it. so today were in London and we have the day off. so i'm going back to sleep. i gotta say thanx to all the kids who have brought me white stuff. the ties, and hats and all that stuff. thanx. youve really helped me in my pursuit of the white. enough with all this sadness, all this black, the rest of the guys can be all dark. i'm trying to step into the light. ok maybe not, but i have been on an all white kick for a while. i guess till i get bored, then i'll try something else. you kids be good. and enjoy music. Listen to Blink's latest record. it will remind you why they are such a great band. good record. if you not in the mood for that, try bright eyes "fevers&mirrors", and if thats to emo for the little punks out there, you could always put on Rancid
if your looking to just feel good gwen stefanie all the way..........see ya soon



Waffles and Crabs
Posted on 3.14.2005 @ 06:49 pm

Belgium today...pretty cool We did an MTV Diary this week for MTV watch for it

Crab Scrambly is good, see for yourself humans...

: : Crab Scrambly


All Good Things Come To An End :(
Posted on 3.28.2005 @ 11:02 am

Well today is the last show that we play with The Explosion and we're pretty bummed. It's been really awesome touring with these guys. The shows have been really fun and there has been an enormous amount of good times had. Thanks to all of the gorgous people in Europe for coming out and hanging with us. Soon we head back to our much missed home we call the U.S. and I will finally get to eat a burrito. Peace Out






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