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First, there was Brian. Back when GC was called the Joel, Benji, and Brian band. But he left due to an interfearing schedule.

Next, there was Aaron.

Aaron recorded the first album with Good Charlotte. He was at school with the guys and dropped out of the football team to drum with the band and to offer studio space at his house. He however left the band just before the 2001 Warped Tour to join his brothers band Wakefield.

Then, there was Dusty.

One source said that Dusty was an old friend of the guys but another said that he was recommended by the guys tatooist so honestly I dont know. He kept the beat for GC during the 2001 Warped Tour. I think everyone thought that he would be Aarons permanent replacement but he left the band in September 2001, after the Warped Tour. He has also played for Jesus Eater and The Misery.

New Fournd Glory's drummer Cyrus Bolooki also played some dates with the band when Dusty left. This was back when NFG was just starting to become known.

Then there was Phil Robinson, the drummer from Autopilot Off who also played some dates with GC after Dusty was gone.

Josh Freese has played for The Vandals and Perfect Circle. He has also had a few minor spots in bands. He played some dates with GC as well and landed the spot as drummer on the Gc album "The Young and the Hopeless" but he too was not to become the new drummer of GC

Finally we have Chris! hopefully he is here to stay...!but there are some weird news about him:

To all the GC fans:

It comes with a heavy heart to tell all those that will listen the following news...

Many of you may already know, our drummer Chris Wilson has been on and off the road due to personal health problems. Unfortunately, his problems continue and we have made a collective decision to have Chris stay around his friends and family and begin to truly rehabilitate. As of the beginning of the Good Charlotte "Noise To The World Tour" with Simple Plan, GC will be playing with Dean Butterworth (who most recently played with Morrissey).

This has not been easy on any of us ...we loved playing with Chris so much.

We hope everyone will be respectful and understand the situation and pray that Chris gets better.

We would also like to say thanks to the fans for all of their support with this, it matters most, now.

It is times like these that we forget all the things we have and all the thing we have done ... And look towards that we have to hope for.

See you on the road.
Benji, Billy, Joel and Paul.

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